10 Honest Tips for Weight Loss

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Having a healthy weight is always the priority. If you talk to someone about the extra fat you have put on, they will immediately give you advice. Seems like everyone has a magical spell for shedding body weight. But which trick should you practice? One that is scientifically-backed. In this article, we offer you medically proven tips for weight loss. 

Top Tips for Weight Loss

Before we discuss the best exercise for weight loss, here are some specific lifestyle tricks to implement in your diet: 

  1. A glass of Water before a meal – Water is the ultimate saviour. It has the ability to highly boost metabolism. If you consume one glass of water before every meal, your food intake will be substantially less. Thus, your calorie intake will also be reduced. 
  2. Choose Green Tea over regular tea – Green tea is popular for its enormous health benefits. It consists of powerful antioxidants that support weight loss. 
  3. Take out the smaller plates – Chewing slowly along with taking smaller portions of food is among the best tips for weight loss. Pick out the short cutlery from your cupboard. 
  4. Select more spices – Spicy food is extensively famous in Indian culture. It is suggested as the best diet for weight loss. 
  5. More fruits and vegetables – Rich in fibre, fruits and vegetables promote weight reduction largely. They are also low in calories and keep your stomach full. 
  6. Increase your protein intake – The best diet for weight loss is the one that has lots of protein. High protein foods help in cutting down extra fat by lowering calories. 
  7. Go for Black Coffee – Coffee is also enriched with antioxidants. It can effectively burn fat and uplift the metabolism process of your body.
  8. Limit sugar consumption – The best diet for weight loss significantly includes minimum sugar. Sugary products should be replaced or limited.
  9. Get more fibre – Eating more fibre can be very helpful in reducing extra body weight. You will feel fuller and eat less that will help in lessened consumption while also maintaining health. 
  10. Do not skip breakfast – Whatever you do to lose weight, do not skip a meal, especially breakfast. It is among the most important meals that offer energy throughout the day. You should eat healthy meals including eggs and dairy to promote weight loss. 

Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Besides inculcating the above tips for weight loss in your diet pattern, make sure to move your body regularly. 

Exercising is equally important for effective weight loss. Practice the following exercises to see results quickly:

Walking A stroll around the park can be very beneficial if done everyday. It is the bare minimum bodily movement that promotes weight reduction. 

Cycling Your overall fitness can be improved if you choose cycling as a best exercise for weight loss. 

Swimming The best way to get fit is swimming. It is a low impact exercise to shed weight quickly. 

Yoga Yoga is not only a great exercising technique but also a form of meditation. 


All these tips for weight loss can only work if put into a routine. Start slowly and notice the results at a gradual rate. 

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