Yoga Poses You Can Do at Your Home During Lockdown

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It seems that this year 2020 hasn’t gone down very well with people all around the globe. Though all of us welcomed this year with great zeal, it seemed that God has its ways of bringing this year into our lives. 

The Government has made a successful stride by proclaiming 21-day lockdown across the country to beat the fiasco of lethal Coronavirus ailment (COVID-19). This first-of-a-sort step is to guarantee your wellbeing and forestall the spread of the viral disease. Notwithstanding, you may feel exhausted and experience nervousness while remaining at home all day, every day. 

In case you’re stressed over the novel Coronavirus that has been seething over the world, consolidating yoga poses into your daily practice during the COVID-19 lockdown can be useful. Day by day these yoga poses can assist you with helping train your brain to have the option to adapt to pressure better, improve the insusceptible framework while advancing in general wellbeing and prosperity. 

Different Postures that You can Try at Home Easily  

Various examinations have indicated that practicing yoga poses may help lessen pressure and uneasiness. 

Here are some yoga asanas to support your insusceptibility and help you unwind as you practice social separating and remain at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

All things considered, a little measure of self-control and the post-exercise endorphin surge can go far in keeping us normal through this issue. Just for fun, try doing these with your spouse as a couple of yoga poses. it will be quite fun. 

The Asanas included are: 

  1.  Samasthithi: Softly breathe in and breathe out normally. This can be done while sitting on your mat. Generally speaking, this one of the simplest sitting yoga poses that you can easily do. 
  2.  Pranayam: Stand straight with your eyes shut, joining your palms before your chest while breathing in profoundly. Tenderly bow down and breathe out. Hold this situation for a moment and get back up. This is one of the easiest yet very important standing yoga poses. 
  3.  Pukar Stithi: This is essentially a supplication approaching the universe for vitality and information. All you must do is to stand straight with your eyes shut, stretch your arms upwards, spread them at a 45-degree point, and turn your palms internal. Breathe in as you raise your arms up and afterwards. 
  4.  Prapti Stithi: Stand straight with your eyes shut. Stretch your arms out before your chest turning your palms upward looking like a cup or a holder while breathing in and breathing out ordinarily. Hold this situation for a moment and return to the standing position. 
  5.  Kritagyata: This position is tied in with offering your appreciation for what you have. Along these lines, stand straight with your eyes shut. Spot your palms on your heart. Breathe in as you raise your arms and proceed with the regular breathing. Hold on for a while at this point. This improves your concentration as well. 

So these were some easiest yoga poses that you can perform easily at home. Luckily, you can take this lockdown decidedly and make some extraordinary memories by doing different connecting with and intriguing exercises at home and offering uninterrupted alone time and your family. Look down to locate the best things that you can do during the lockdown. 

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