Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer, Lung cancer symptoms, signs of Lung Cancer, Early signs of lung cancer

Cancers are the result of the growth of abnormal cells in the body. And these extra cells form a group of tissue called tumour which destroys the body tissue. There are different types of cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, basal cell cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma and so on.  Cancer can be treated with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and a few more. Initially, cancer was a non-curable disease but with the elapse of time and with the advancement of medications cancer has become a curable disease.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer commences from the lungs and later moves on to different organs of the body. Lung cancer happens through constant smoking, intake of certain toxins and also heredity matters. There are two types of lung cancer: small cell lung cancer and non- small cell lung cancer. Lung cancer symptoms are cough which comes often with blood, chest pain, and sudden weight loss. Methods of treatment vary depending on the type of cancer a person has. Lung cancer often affects people who are 70 and above but a little average of people are affected who are younger than 45.

Common lung cancer symptoms

Signs of early lung cancer are shortness of breath, slender cough, loss of appetite and common fatigue. The symptoms may turn severe or deep when it moves to the advanced level of cancer.

Lung Cancer, Lung cancer symptoms, signs of Lung Cancer, Early signs of lung cancer

Early signs of lung cancer

Apart from common signs, the early signs of lung cancer are unpredictable or unexplained weight loss, feeling that you are tired or weak. There will be a pain in the back, chest or in the shoulders which worsens during a cough or while you laugh or when you deeply breathe. New cough comes along with the chronic cough. Lung cancer patients mostly face the difficulty of coughing with blood. And there will be sudden shortness of breath during daily activities. Wheezing is another symptom of lung cancer. Other symptoms also include difficulty in swallowing or ache while swallowing food and drinks. Swelling in the face or neck also can take place.

What are the advanced signs of lung cancer?

As I said before, lung cancer begins from lungs but when it reaches the advanced level it may spread to other organs in the body. So when it reaches to other organs new symptoms will arise. And these include pain that you get in your bone, the formation of a lump in the collarbone or the neck region. The occurrence of jaundice may take place. You may get drowsy feelings along with headache and swelling in the neck or even in the face.

Dealing with small cell lung cancer

Even in small cell lung cancer, there are early signs of lung cancer and advanced symptoms. The early signs include various symptoms like infections like pneumonia, bronchitis which keep occurring quite frequently. Chest pain worsens while laughing, coughing and even while breathing deeply. Same as the normal signs of early lung cancer the advanced small cell lung cancer include: jaundice, pain in the bone, drowsy feeling. It is said that small cell lung cancer can lead to paraneoplastic syndrome. The paraneoplastic syndrome includes clubbing that is there will change in the appearance in the finger. Cough that produces rust-coloured phlegm.

Symptoms that are seen in Non-small cells lung cancer

Cough that produces red-coloured phlegm, persistent cough. Lung cancer patients may undergo very difficult breathing and feel unusually tired and weak. Infections like bronchitis and pneumonia may occur frequently. Like any other symptoms wheezing too occurs often. When reaching the advanced level of cancer the abnormal cells move to different organs in the body which also affects the other areas in the body. Treatments that include small cell lung cancer are radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

The bottom line

 Lung cancers are formed by the growth of abnormal or extra cells in the body. It can be cured if it is treated in the early stage. Visit your nearest hospitals if you feel you are dealing with any of the symptoms above.

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