Top 6 Natural Foods to Increase the Blood Platelets Count

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As you know, whenever there is a wound in your skin, platelets will clump together and form a blood clot in order to stop the bleeds. You might have noticed that people who are all having minimum blood platelet counts will bleed more. The main reason for this type of bleeding is the person will not have enough blood platelets count  

Whenever you are going to approach the doctor, the first and foremost query you will raise is how to increase blood platelet count? To answer this query, your doctors will suggest some natural foods in order to increase the blood platelet count naturally. If you are one who wants to increase the blood platelet count naturally, continue to read the manuscript. 

Symptoms of low blood platelet counts 

Whenever you find out that the blood platelet count is in the reduced numbers, you have the following symptoms. If it is in the mild stages, you may have bleeding in nose, gums, urine, heavy menstrual bleeding, rashes, and prolonged wound bleeding. When you are in severe condition, you may vomit blood. If you experience heavy internal bleeding, it is necessary to consult the doctor and check for any neurological problems. 

Steps to increase the blood platelet count naturally 

When you want to have a blood platelet count normal, you have to maintain healthy food habits. If you intake natural foods, you need not worry about the blood platelet count. The following are the foods that need to be intake by a person who wants to increase the blood platelet count naturally. 

  • Vitamin A rich foods 

In order to have healthy platelet production, it is necessary to intake vitamin A rich foods. When you are intaking vitamin A rich foods, it significantly increases the protein formation in the body. As a result of the healthy protein formation, it promotes and processes the cell division and cell formation. Vitamin A rich foods are carrot, pumpkin, kale, and sweet potatoes. 

  • Folate rich foods 

Whenever the body is having a deficiency in the Folate rich foods, it will lead to lower blood platelet count. How to increase platelet count naturally can be answered by adding more vitamin B9 or Folate rich foods in the regular diet plan. Folate rich foods are playing a vital role in healthy cell division, which results in increasing the blood platelet count. In order to include the Vitamin B9 to your body, you can consider orange, spinach, asparagus, and leafy greens in your diet plan. 

  • Iron content 

As you know, Iron content is responsible for the production of healthy cells in the body, and whenever your body contains the lack of iron content, you may have lower blood platelet count. Apart from lower blood platelet count, the lack of iron content results in anemia. If you want to increase the iron content, you can include pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, lentils, and leafy green in your diet schedule. 

  • Vitamin C rich food

When there is a deficiency of vitamin C in your body, it affects the grouping functionality of the blood platelets. Apart from this, the lack of vitamin C content leads to a deficiency in the iron content. You can include vitamin C rich foods like mangoes, broccoli, pineapple, tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, and Indian gooseberry. These foods will increase the vitamin C content in your body and promote the increased blood platelet count naturally. 

  • Vitamin B12 foods 

Like vitamin B9, vitamin B12 is also playing a significant role in increasing the blood platelet count. In order to intake vitamin B12 rich food, you can go with eggs, milk, and cheese. 

  • Vitamin K foods

In order to have the optimum level in cell growth, your body should contain enough vitamin K contents. The Vitamin K rich foods are kale, eggs, green leafy vegetables, meat, cabbage, and parsley. By including the vitamin K content, you can increase your blood platelet count naturally. 

These are some of the ways to increase the blood platelet count naturally. 

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