IVF Or IUI: Which Is The Best Fertility Treatment For You?

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The fertility journey of the couples is filled with emotions, worries, pains, and hard decisions. There are many couples in the world who are facing difficulties to conceive. In order to put a big full stop for the infertility problems, the medical field has come up with the most promising fertility treatments called IUI and IVF. Before you are going to approach any fertility treatment, you have to know about the difference between IUI and IVF. The article is all about IVF and IUI.


IUI stands for Intrauterine insemination which is nothing but one of the promising fertility treatments for the couples who are facing difficulties to conceive. When you are going for IUI treatment, the isolated sperm will directly inject into your uterus at the time of ovulation. The ultimate aim of IUI fertility treatment is to increase the number of sperms to reach the fertilized eggs easily. Whenever you compare IVF and IUI, IUI is less expensive and invasive than IVF.

Procedure of IUI 

The following are three basic steps involved in the IUI treatment.

  • The first and foremost step is ovulation induction and tracking. As the name indicates, the woman will be given medication in order to stimulate the ovaries to obtain the matured egg for fertilization. 
  • The next step is the semen collection. Here the sperms will be collected and prepared in the labs in order to transfer the sperms directly into the uterus of the woman. 
  • The last and final step is insemination. The doctors will use the long flexible tube in order to inject the collected sperms to the uterus. 

Whether IUI is right for you?

Even though IUI is available with many benefits, it is not suitable for everyone. The couples who are having male infertility issues like low sperm count or motility issues can go for IUI fertility treatment. If the woman is having cervical disorders or blockages in the fallopian tubes can go for IUI treatment. 

The success rate of IUI 

The success rate or IUI varies with patients because of their age, cause of infertility, and the duration of infertility. Whenever IUI treatment is done with no fertility drugs, the success rate is very low. 

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Another processing fertility treatment is In-Vitro fertilization (IVF), which involves the eggs being retrieved from the uterus and combined with the sperm outside the body for fertilization. 

Process of IVF

The major difference in IUI and IVF is the procedure and process. Here is the list of processes involved in the IVF fertility treatment. 

  • Like IUI, IVF also contains the ovulation induction, where the ovaries will be stimulated to get matured eggs.
  • After that, the doctors will collect the matured eggs with the help of a needle connected with the suction device. It is one of the simplest processes in the IVF treatments, and it won’t exceed 20 minutes. 
  • The embryo specialists will choose the matured and healthy egg for the fertilization, and combine the eggs and sperms. 
  • The last stage of IVF fertility treatment is transferring stage. This process will carry out within five days of the egg retrieval. The Physician will inject the fertilized eggs in the uterus through cervical openings. 

Whether IVF is the right option for you?

The couples who are having a low ovarian reserve, blocked fallopian tube, ovulation disorders, uterine fibroids, genetic disorders, maternal age can go for IVF fertility treatment. 

Success Rate 

Like IUI fertility treatment, the IVF also depends on the age of the patient, the health condition of the couples, and many more. Compared to IUI treatment, IVF fertility treatment is cost expensive. 

Final words 

By now, you get to know about the IUI and IVF fertility treatment. In order to find which the best fertility treatment for you is, it is recommended to approach the best doctors. Make use of this fertility treatment, and start your fertility journey. 

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